Troy Style Dartboard


Troy / Toohey Style Dart Board

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This Troy / Toohey Style dartboard is made from the same end grain basswood that our traditional dartboards are made from.

They are hand painted before pressing the wires completely into the board so the colors are where they are supposed to be.

The Numbers and Darto logo are carved right into the wood.

These boards are the same on both sides so once one side is worn out you can flip it over and play some more.

The board  play area measures the same  as an Original Toohey Dart board. See below for a comparison.

We’ve limited the online orders to 1 board per order.  If you need more than one send and email to and we will get back to you.

These boards are traditionally played with No. 2 Official Tournament Darts.  Darto currently only makes No. 1 Official Tournament darts which can be used but are smaller than the No. 2 darts.  You can find No. 2 Official Tournament Darts on ebay.