Game 201

This game consists of 201 points. The player subtracting their score each inning from the total starting with 201 if 2 people are playing. If 4 persons or more are in partners, the total is 301. Any player who goes over 201 or 301, with any of the last 3 darts loses the score they have made in that play and must await their next turn if any. For example: If a player needs 35 and their first dart hits 20 and their second darts hits 16, their turn is over and must await their next turn. If a player needs 35 and they get it in 3 darts or less, they win unless players after him gets needed points in less number of darts. Example: First persons uses 3 darts to end game and the second person only uses 2 darts, the second person is the winner. In case of ties, highest score wins using 3 darts each. Darts thrown in long spaces count single, small spaces count double. Bullseye counts 50.