Hanging the Board and Shooting line:
The board is hung so that the center of the cork is 5ft 3in. from the floor.
The shooting line (aka foul line/oche/toe board) is 7Ft 3 in from the front of the board to the line.

American style darts uses 3 wooded darts with genuine turkey feathers.

Playing Baseball:
The game consists of 9 innings.

The innings are represented by the numbers on the board, whereas inning 1 is represented by  and inning two is represented by  and so on.

The first player shoots the first inning using 3 darts.  The white outer ring (triple) scores 3 points.  The Red inner ring (Double) scores 2 point and the remainder of the inning (single) is worth one point. The bullseye and the Blue areas are outside of the inning and have no value.  A score of 9 is a perfect score.

Each player shoots in turn, adding their score inning by inning until all 9 innings are completed.  The player with the highest score after completion of 9 innings is the winner. If there is a tie after 9 innings, additional innings (10, 11, 12 … ) can be played to break the tie.

The score may be kept as follows:

Upper portion of inning is score for inning.  Lower portion is accumulative score.